Symphonies of Color

Enjoy the music of color as it plays out across the space. Each note sings out the joy and power of color. Listen to the music.

The modern artist creates an object, an environment to be enjoyed, experienced and appreciated unto its self.

The artist prior to modern art painted a story, recorded history, or an image.

Opera tells a story, while a symphony is a composition of notes just to be enjoyed.

What is good art?

Good art is clear, simple and understandable.

How many times do you go to an art show, gallery and have to read the write-up next to the art to learn what the artist is trying to say. The art should speak for itself.

Enjoy the Power of Color

One color wrestles with another; meeting head on. Or colors merge with each other in harmony.  But all colors balanced. Reaching out to the viewer, beckoning to feel the color, touch it; embrace it. It invites the viewer into its world. Sometimes the color is powerful with loud noise and sometimes just a whisper. The color sings to our visual senses. Sometimes it’s loud, sometimes soft, but always asking us to feel and experience the power of color.