Collection: Windows

On a recent trip to Mt. Dora, I visited a church that had stunning, modern stained-glass windows.

They inspired me to create a series of similar works that I have called “Windows.”

Simultaneously, I discovered the ability to print the works on aluminum, giving them a glossy surface similar to the crystalline shine of the glass windows. They are presented unframed so that they float in space.

These works are 24” by 24” and examples of my process of working on a theme and exploring several variations.

The works in the collection have similar colors and shapes, but each is quite different. You can put a few together either as a larger group like a stained-glass window or just a few sitting next to each other. Or one could exist alone. Another benefit: They can be hung outside.

 The “Windows” series is perfect for the new technology of infusing dyes onto metal sheets rather than printing on the surface. They are sealed with a gemlike UV coating that is both water and scratch resistant.

The result is an eye-popping print that not only looks brighter but also provides enhanced archival life.

Prints are sold back framed for easy hanging. Allow two weeks for delivery. Shipping and handling are free, and taxes are included. Custom sizes are available upon request.