About the Paintings

One color wrestles with another or merge with each other in harmony.  But all colors balanced. Reaching out to the viewer, beckoning to feel the color, touch it, embrace it. It invites the viewer into its world. Sometimes the color is powerful with loud noise and sometimes just a whisper. The color sings to our visual senses. Sometimes it’s loud, sometimes soft, but always asking us to feel and experience the power of color.

It is pure paint, brush strokes bumping each other. Saying I belong here. This is my space. Feel the musical notes being played in each painting to create a symphony of color and joy. Let the colors ring out. Let them float in space, let them invite you into that space, let them bathe you with their color. Just enjoy it. Let it soothe you, let it challenge you, let it comfort you. Just spend a few moments and enjoy the energy. Sometimes the colors caress each other in gentle harmony while other times the colors do battle with each other.  The colors in turmoil or in peace flow throughout the space. They breathe a life of their own displaying the power and joy of color.

It is just paint, dirt particles on a canvas. No, it is something more, a creative reality, a creation of color and shapes. An environment, a reality that invites us into the space, embraces us, reaches out to touch us. Let the paintings speak for themselves. Listen to them.