Collection: Powerful Color and Shapes

These prints represent a small portion of a painting. For example, print titled 042321A is a small detail of the painting titled 042321. The A represents the first print, the B the second, etc. The painting area is photographed and then Aldus Photoshop will do some editing of the color or light. 

These images are then printed on Epson Premium Lustre paper with the image size of 20" x 30". 

I like these studies of the detail of paintings and would like to compose some painting that are similar in style and size of shapes. They are more focused and drill down to the shapes and colors and create a completely different environment to explore and enjoy. 

Two or three of the prints can be shown together to allow comparisons of their differences and similarities. Or they can stand alone. They could be printed in larger sizes if requested.

This series of prints from paintings are the first compositions that combine the hard edge, geometric shapes with the more abstract, free flowing brush strokes. The geometric shapes come from the paintings and prints that are more intellectual. The shapes contrast with the movement of the free flowing brush stokes which techniques allows for the blending of colors.